Thursday, June 23, 2011

Game On

Last week Room 20 went to play netball with our coach named Emma. She was a netball coach that came from ANC to teach us some skills and drills. The skills we did were chest passing, over head passing and bounce passing.
In this game of netball there are so many rules.The stuff you need is some good shoes and a bib. A bib is sort of like a singlet with two letters on it. I was given two letters that said (WD) wing defender. I didn’t like these letters because it was hard. The person that I vs was a person who played netball before.
Finally its the last session we had a game !!!YES!!! I finally got a chance to show off my skills. I was now given a good bib that said (GS) Goal shooter. The ball was in my hands I lifted the ball up and then shot it in the hoop !!YEAH!! my team was happy I got it in my first ever goal on a netball game I said to my self. Miss Hannan asked me if I got the hang of it and I replied back to her yes I do and I am started to get better at it.
By the end of the game I was turning like a professional at netball but I was joking I was a beginner however, I still felt like a pro. We all said thank you to Emma. Netball is a fun sport to play even when it doesn't suite boys but we all had so much fun.

doesn't suite boys but we all had so much fun.

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