Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In the morning all the classes went in the hall. We all sat down in our line so we don't muck up with other classes Mr.Burt came in side and we all laughed because he was wearing dinosaur fur and holding a bombyrnocker. Then  Mr Jacobson was a pteradac. Mr.Burt whacked Mr J on the bottom then they were chassing each other around. After that team 2were rappers. It was cool because they looked like gangsters and they were dancing funny.  
Team 3 came and they were looking for bones because they were dressed as paleontologists.
Next Team 4 showed us a dino-might movie. In it they went to the library and they were were reading  dinosaur books then they fell asleep and dreamt about dinosaurs. They were in the dinosaur times and they were dancing like Egyptians and they were scared.
I liked the Immersion Assembly and I can't wait to learn about it.  

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