Thursday, February 19, 2009

On Tuesday my uncle and I went to the movies in the city. When we got to the city we went to see what good movie to watch. First my uncle and I went to the games room and had fun for 5mins then after that we went to buy pop corn and 2 drinks and 2 icecreams. We went to find the Bedtimestory movie. When we got there we found our seats and waited for 3 people then the movie started. There was a man


  1. That sounds cool, I've seen this movie and I loved it. I wish though he had a few more stories to act out in real life.

    Do you think it was a cool movie?

    What was your favourite part in the movie?

    I will check back on your blog to see if you answer my questions.

    Well done Marven.

    Mrs Tele'a

  2. Dear mrs Telea, yes I do like the movie.The best part of the movie was that Skeetercas meets Bugsy.And he had big eyes.And he said "those eyes would be big on a cow.


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